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While serving on the Vernon Parish School Board for 14 years, Chuck was chairman of the finance committee, which has given him keen insight into educational funding, both MFP and state pay for our educational professionals and support staff. Chuck believes our educational system in this state is facing serious problems. Our school employees are in line to get a raise for the first time in 11 years. Currently, our teachers are to receive a raise of $1,000.00 and our support staff will receive $500.00. For teachers this amounts to $83.33 per month, less taxes and retirement. This does not account for inflation, nor does it take into consideration the expected 11% increase of school employee’s group health insurance over the next 2 years. Even with the raise this year, the teachers are still short some $2,000.00 annually. As state representative, Chuck will be a strong voice for the Public School system and will introduce legislation, each year, to bring salaries in line with the Southern Regional Average and fully restore MFP funding. Technology will be a major factor in our ability to train our workforce of the future. Chuck will work to further strengthen the technical programs that will give students the skill set necessary for quality good-paying jobs that will allow our economy to grow.


Rural communities are at a disadvantage when it comes to healthcare. Our hospitals either close or reduce services which makes it harder to get access to quality care, especially in times of an emergency. As state representative, Chuck will fight to improve and strengthen healthcare access in Louisiana. Chuck understands that everyone should have access to quality healthcare and that hospitals play a vital role in our communities. Chuck will also work to prohibit Balance Billing; if you have health insurance and have a procedure, you should not get an additional bill from your provider. This double billing is one of many reasons our health insurance is too high.

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Economic Development

As a small business owner and with his legal training, Chuck has a firm grasp of the complex issues faced in today’s business market. Chuck will work tirelessly to synergize the stakeholders to continue working together toward common goals to improve our area. As a region we need to ensure our workforce is educated and well-trained so we can attract new employers to the area. As state representative, Chuck will push to invest in workforce training programs and partnerships with business and industry to train our workers for the jobs they need. In addition, Chuck will work to implement measures to ensure that our state is competitive with other states in our rules and regulations to recruit new business.

Ft Polk

Fort Polk has a major impact on the economy of not only District 30 but also of the entire state.  As state representative, Chuck will work to secure the proper investment from state government to address deficiencies in road infrastructure and pursue state policies that improve opportunities for soldiers and families. In addition, Chuck recognizes how important Ft. Polk is to the support of military retirees that live in our community. Chuck will fight every day to ensure Ft. Polk is properly supported by our state.

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